Saturday, January 1, 2011

Doggie toy massacre....

Doggie toys begin intact.  Happy little stuffed animals, ready to play.  Then Ava and Finley grab a toy and go crazy.  Out come the eyes, off with the tail and ears.  Next....the gutting.  If there is a squeaker inside, it doesn't last long!
(Notice Finley's nose in the upper corner!)  The little monkey lost his eyes and ears, then his brains.  Ava sleeps with this little guy...he was a quarter thrift store find.  Thrift stores are great places to find doggie toys for me.

 The red bear was next in the massacre pile.  They played tug of war with him, then ripped out his eyes and began the zombie attack on his brains.
 I felt sorry for him :(

But Donald got the worst treatment last night.  He lost an eye, his shorts, and his brains....all of his dignity was gone!  Then....
...he lost his tail and his belly.  This is the life of a doggie toy in my house.  It is a massacre....a trail of white stuffing throughout the house.  Shredded fabric strewn around the room.
Ava and Finley happy as can be.

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  1. That is...hilarious and reassures Jake that his "death to the toys" mindset is divinely canine! LOVE YOUR FURRY FAMILY!