Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to work...

for me today.  Vacation ended and I had to leave the kids home and return to the working world :(  I was sad.  What if they were lonely or sad with me gone?

We had spent so many days lounging on the couch together, playing in the snow, getting belly rubs, staying up late watching movies....what if they needed their ears scratched????  Who would be home to do it if I was gone??!!?  It made me sad.

Yes, I sound crazy.

When it was time to leave for home, I rushed to the car, flew home, slid into the house (dumping my purse, coffee mug, gym bag, and lunch box in the dining room and sending cats flying throughout the house) and slung open the garage door.  I needed a puppy hug!

I then proceeded to take their pictures....or tried to take their pictures.  I wasn't getting much cooperation.  Ava looked a little suspicious of me.  I think I missed them more than they missed me. I also think they just wanted treats.

Finley didn't even want to look at the camera!  He acted like I was ruining his undercover gig.

At last, a beautiful shot :)  The treat bribe worked!
Tomorrow is another day away, but someone has to make the chewbone money around here.
Go hug your poopies!

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