Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh, the mud!

You can't really see it, but this handsome face is splashed with mud, as is the body.  It was muddy outside and daddy let us go out to the mud!
Really, the caked on red mud is splattered across Finley's face!

Same goes for this sly devil.  Check out the brown nose...mud!
The floors were mopped last night :(  Then the red, wet mud came across them this morning.

Mommy cried....
We doggies took a nap.

So frustrating to spend so much time vacuuming, then mopping.  And then mud :(

But when I see these poopies being sweet....

andFinley holding my hand, I can't be mad or sad.  Finley likes to hold hands.  It makes me happy.

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